Digital Transformation and Innovation For the Future of Educational Institutions

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It’s not Why? But, how: Updation and Integration of Technology with the academic functioning to be future-ready is the ultimate solution to continue in the global education race.
Digital Transformation: It is the key to the adoption of technology for efficiency and innovation
Key to Encounter any Crisis: Let us accept the fact that Digital Transformation was most valuable for institutions to continue during the pandemic and it resulted in excellent ‘Take Aways’.
Boon during the Pandemic: The sudden technological transformation has reaped good results during the pandemic.
Inertia and hesitancy: In spite of the digital transformation’s potential to enhance the values of the teaching-learning processes, there is a hesitancy in adopting it.
Future Readiness: Institutions are now greatly tempted to adopt innovative methods of Digital Transformation along with the traditional methods. Keeping in view the advantageous they bring to the learning desk.
Enhances skill Set: It results in enhancing the technological skill set and adds to the professional development of both trainers and the taught.
Fear of the Unknown Investments: Having understood the fact that digital transformation is crucial to encounter any crisis and come out it successfully, it could be a fear of high monetary expenses in bringing about the transformation that institutions are worried about.
Zero or Minimal Burden on Managements: Introduce ‘Digital Transformation’ as a renaissance involving the contributions of all the stake holders to bring about the change and not through revolutionary investments.
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