HOST Advantages

Mindhosts provides End-to-End Learning Solutions Your School – Now in your Hands.

Mindhosts Technovation

The necessity to reopen Educational Institutions has emphasized upon Technovation of the conventional classroom into an Hybrid Organized System Training facility to restore their normal functionality under the revised new normal conditions.
HOST eLearning

The next big thing – HOST eLearning

Mindhosts gets you ready for the next big thing through their own web and mobile apps re-organizing Institutions through ‘Digital Transformation’ during a period where conventional online education platforms have proved to be inadequate.
International Brand

An International Brand

The HOST eLearning Platform launched by Mindhosts evolves as a global alternate to reopen and continue the functioning of Schools, Colleges, Institutions, Coaching Centers, Training Centers, Tuition Centers, Tutors, Skilled Trainers etc., during the New Normal.

HOST: Hybrid Organized System Training

The Concept

Some students are in the classroom and some students learn remotely, in real time, supported by classroom technology and, in some classes, with an instructional assistant in the classroom. Faculty knows how best to deliver their courses to both on-ground and remote learners and will have full pedagogical control over their courses.
HOST eLearning

Dynamic Scheduling

Mindhosts application is available to allow the faculty (Web) and students (Mobile) to indicate if they want to be in the classroom or be remote on a week-to-week basis and faculty receives this information via Canvas. Recording in the classroom is at faculty discretion and is done for student’s self-paced learning.
International Brand

Hybrid HOST

Either by choice or due to density restrictions, some portion of the students in each class are remote and some are in the class. HOST provides a technology solution to meet the needs of these dual populations.Students’ initial schedule of times in class and remote participation are provided at the beginning of the session.

It is a simple concept

Some students are in front of faculty in the classroom and some students are on the screen at the front of the classroom, at the same time. That is, faculty will teach their courses both to students in the classroom and to students who participate remotely via Zoom or Teams in real time.
HOST eLearning

Program that Students/ Institutions can easilyPlan

Students/Institutionplan and provide a choice to choose or opt into Hybrid HOST. The delivery method will be planned for almost all course sections that are scheduled for on-ground delivery. HOST courses are regular courses. Some students are in the classroom and some students attend remotely during classtime.
International Brand

One in-class experience for each Student/Wk.

Due to density restrictions, it is common that students are scheduled to experience some class sessions in the classroom and other sessions remotely. The current aim is to schedule at least one in-class experience for each student each week per course.