HOST eLearning Platform: The Decision-making process
Re-open Schools without disruptions.

The Problem

With an aim to strike a delicate balance between reopening of educational institutions…

The Solution

All the educational institutions around the world had to be closed as one of the measures…

The Challenges

Who gets to determine the acceptable risk of COVID-19, should we return to in-person instruction?

Global Alignment

In response to the COVID – 19 pandemic and global school closures…

Are Schools Ready

How teachers will connect with the students who are at home?

Teacher's Approach

The foremost requirement is to design a curriculum based on the level…

Student's Approach

Learn at your own pace with the shared resources. Students can access…

Administrator's Approach

Administrator should have the flexibility to divide the class into several groups.

How to Achieve This?

To implement the HOST eLearning Platform and enable the ‘Blended Learning’…