Are schools ready to resume using HOST eLearning Platform?

The Challenges: Managements & Teachers are facing

How teachers will connect with the students who are at home?
Are the tools to teach from home simple and easy to learn?
What would be the process of assessment and grading?
How will the students cope up partial attendance system?
Will they be on the same page when they go back to school with a gap?
How will the continuity be managed by the managements and teachers?
Is there any tool to measure the students’ attentiveness during classroom and online learning?
What if, a student fails to attend class due to illness or other reasons?
What strategies have been made to manage situations of crisis by the management?
How would the teachers plan the curriculum to cover their lessons?

What is required?

Change in Instructional Model


To adopt a method that integrates online and traditional face-to-face class activities simultaneously, wherein offline and online modes capitalize on each other’s strengths. With fewer in-seat session, hybrid classroom brings students and instructors together, with the flexibility of place.

Hybrid classroom facilitates a certain per cent of students to learn face-to-face in a classroom, while those who are not at campus maintaining social distancing can attend the class from the comfort of their home virtually.

Teaching and Learning Devices

To enable a hybrid classroom approach, students and teachers are required to have a device which can be a laptop, PC, tablet or mobile to perform their tasks. For the instruction in classroom, smart devices like projectors, smart boards etc., are preferred.