How to achieve this?

To implement the HOST eLearning Platform and enable the ‘Blended Learning’, traditionally we need to transform and re-align all our tools to start our operations of the institute by giving each classroom a new look and a safer ‘Teaching-Learning Space’

Indgiants proposes a cost-effective approach through HOST eLearning Platform

mindhosts features

Direct & Online Teaching System

Teach without any interruption, without any constraint of teach from home or teach from brick-and-mortar classroom. With blended learning, teachers can create lessons and share them with the students prior to the classes. So, if the students are coming to the class or attending live tutoring, they would have an idea about the upcoming topic.

Self-Paced Learning

The self-paced learning enables teachers to record their lessons, by pulling videos, images, and texts online. Uploading these videos into the Lecture streams will enable the students to take the recorded lesson at their convenience in a self-paced mode.

Study Materials & Assignment Management system

Indgiants has realized the importance of the availability of the ‘Digital Content’ be it the
Study Materials for the students or the Assignments for practice. We understand the challenges faced by institutions in the preparation of the digital content. Indgiants is geared up to offer the same and share it with the institutions.

Doubt Clarification & Interactive Training

Maintaining the attentiveness, response and interest of learners throughout the year and for every subject is not an easy task. In the current scenario, maintaining and monitoring the social distancing is also an important factor. Hence, Indgiants has created a ‘Window’ for interactive learning through its ‘Doubt Clarification Feature’.

Formative Assessment & Quizzes

Measuring the knowledge of a student in every topic and keeping track of the students’ progress day-by-day would not only help student to excel but allow authorities to track the performance to qualitatively and quantitative assessment.

Class - Student - Faculty Management System

Add and manage Classes, Students and Teachers. Allocate classes to the teachers and assign time-table to the teachers. Teachers can schedule and connect to the classes using ZOOM. Students can take the classes either directly through partial attendance mode or connect online from home or adopt a self-paced mode of learning.

Push Notifications and SMS Management

Streamline communication with all the stakeholders – students, teachers, administration, and parents through push notifications that allows admin to send the message to all in one go. Whether it is about a holiday, celebration or meeting, just draft the message and share it with intended persons through push notifications.

Lecture Streams: Recorded Lessons

Students can watch and rewatch the video repositories which is the new pedagogy, that allows students to practice and learn at their own pace from any place. Students can access the video repositories without any constraint of time and place making the concept of learning interesting and easily accessible.