Main Challenges in
Re-opening Schools

Who gets to determine the acceptable risk of COVID-19, should we return to in-person instruction?
What will be the COVID-19testing protocols for students, staff, visitors, etc.?
Will there be modifications – school timings, half-day, shift systems, class size restrictions, on-day on one-day off, many classes to complete one topic for all students?
Do schools have the infrastructure to maintain social distancing?
If younger kids can wear masks and gloves all day?
What protocols will be required for extra-curricular activities like sports and music? How frequently equipment needs to be sterilized?
What will the cafeteria look like? How many students will be allowed at a time? And how many hours of break will be in total?
How students and teachers from the containment zone would attend the classes?

Will there be any leniency in assessments during this session? How will schools assess, grade and provide feedback to students and parents during extends closure?

How teachers would teach topics/subjects that require hands-on interaction in close proximity, such as robotics, lab works etc.?