Workflow Overview

This application keeps track of several kinds of records to deliver content precisely and effectively – Students, Groups, Assignments, Streams and Live Classes and recorded video streams. Before getting on to how to create and manage these records we need to understand how these elements fit in together.


A group is used to segregate students and content in the application. A group can correspond to a class, section or a batch in the real world. It is advisable that the admin creates a separate group for each subject of each class so that it becomes easy to send targeted content. Once a group is created, admin can then add students to this group. Any study material uploaded to the application is associated to group(s) which is then delivered to the students belonging to the group.


Students are the users of the application who view the content uploaded by administrators. The following data of each Student is recorded in the application:
  • Student’s name
  • Guardian name & number
  • Mobile number
  • Login credentials, and
  • Groups they belong to.
The students can use their login credentials to sign-in to the application through Web and mobile APP (Android & IOS) and access the content uploaded for them.


Administrators can upload assignments on the platform with Documents and Images as attachments and links to YouTube and other streamed video formats.

An assignment belongs to a single group and only the students which belong to that group will be able to view it. The attachments and YouTube videos and other streamed video formats will appear in the student’s app exactly in the order that the admin has added it in.


Apart from uploading assignments, the Educator can also make use of YouTube live streaming to facilitate online classes. A Stream can be addressed to multiple groups, which means all the students who belong to these groups will be able to watch the Stream. Streams enable one-way video & audio communication between educator and students. The students can interact with the educator using comments during the live stream. Live Streams can be created in the application and can be scheduled to start at a later time. The upcoming streams will be visible to students in their application so that they can stay updated about latest schedules.

Live Classes

Live Classes are video conferences which allow two-way video & audio communication between Students & Educators. Live Classes can be assigned to multiple groups and all the students assigned to these groups will be able to access it.