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Self-Paced learning with Host eLearning Portal - One Family - One Mobile

Educational Institutes can now successfully resume instruction through HOST eLearning portal. HOST eLearning portal is designed keeping in view all the possible disruptions that the educational institutions are encountering.

Method of Learning

Login through Mobile Application (ANDROID & IOS)


  • HOST eLearning Portal Login for Trainers
  • Mobile Login Credentials for Students
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Method of Learning

Physical attendance in the classroom maintaining the norms of the New Normal


Classrooms require safe accommodation plan and minimum facilities to conduct classes through blended mode of learning

Method of Learning

The students utilize the feature of taking the recorded lecture in a self-paced mode at their convenience of the mobile availability during the day


One Mobile Per family

  • The siblings can use a single mobile on a sharing basis.
  • If one sibling attends an online class the other siblings can adopt self-paced learning.

Mode of Operation of the HOST eLearning Portal to resume Classroom Instruction

User friendly and Easy Navigation Menu: Take a Tour – Complete Walk-Through – Guided Tour of the various menus that helps the administrator to create or update any feature.