Study Material, Assignments, Lecture Streams, Video Repository & Formative Assessment through quizzes.

Features of HOST: Hybrid Organized System Training

Institutions can adopt the Hybrid Organized System Training mode through its faculty. It is an innovative WEB and Mobile Application that helps them re-open the Institutions without further disruption.

It is a simple concept

Some students are in front of faculty in the classroom and some students are on the screen joining online, at the same time and a few of them would take instruction of recorded lessons.

Why HOST eLearning Platform?

HOST eLearning Platform provides simple and helpful solutions to the complex problems that all the educational institutions are facing faced due to the restricted lifestyles during this pandemic.

The concept

Some students are in the technovated classroom and some students learn online in real time or access Lecture streams of the class by self-paced mode.

Dynamic Scheduling

Mindhosts application is available to allow the faculty (Web & Mobile) and students (Mobile) to indicate if they want to be in the classroom or take classes in the online or self-paced mode on a week-to-week basis.

Online Instruction

Four-fifths of the students attend the same class through online mode or self-paced mode.

One in-class experience for each Student/Week

Due to density restrictions, it is common that students are scheduled to experience some class sessions in the classroom and other sessions remotely.

Digitized Study Material, Assignments & Formative Assessments

Students have access to the Study Material, Assignments & Formative Assessments (quizzes) shared by teachers.

Doubt Clarification

The Mobile APP provided to the students ensures them to submit and clear all their doubts through ‘Submit a Doubt’.

Self-Learning Video Repository

Animated Sciences and Mathematics Video Lessons for students from the Kindergarten up to XII standard as a value-added service.

HOST eLearning
Platform Packages


  • Single Domain License with one year email support & life time updates.
  • Single Domain License (Web Application + ANDROID + IOS)


  • Hosting in Indgiants Servers and Annual Maintenance Contract.
  • Hosting on Technopartner’s Domain Name (Web Application + ANDROID + IOS)


  • Organization Account on MindHosts with Annual Maintenance Contract.
  • Organization Account - LOGIN Through Organization Code on MINDHOSTS

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