Teacher's Approach

The foremost requirement is to design a curriculum based on the level of difficulty and technical skills involved in teaching
Now, when you cannot determine the attentiveness of students or if they understood the concept just from a look, you have to be extra careful while crafting the lessons, adding all the interesting content, videos, and images. The multimedia-rich lessons are much easier to understand and memorize.
Divide the students in batches for face-to-face and online learning.
After completion of every topic, formative assessment can be done, wherein the teacher can share assignments, quizzes and involve students in interactive learning for both qualitative and quantitative assessment. The marks / grade secured will project the knowledge graph of each student.

Formative assessment would show the shortcomings of the students in each topic, they can be patched offering remedial content based on their learning curve.

Categorize the curriculum based on the level of difficulty, technical skills involved in teaching.

Prepare digital lessons with multimedia content/record sessions of Lecture Streams.

Conduct the classes face-to-face for 20% and online classes for 80% as per the plan

Organize formative assessments after the completion of each lesson as per the plan.

Restrospect the performance and provide constructive personalized feedback & attention.