From closure & interruption to the Functionality...

From closure & Interruptions to the Functionality of the educational institutions overcoming the challenges due to the pandemic

Step-I: The aim of Indgiants is to strike a delicate balance between reopening of educational institutions while averting a potentially devastating waves of pandemic, institutions have to formulate new rules and safety guidelines for the students to attend the physical classroom through a partial attendance model with new seating matrix, staggered classes, and periodically sanitized premises.

Step-II: To progressively lift the restrictions, educational institutions are continually assessing how learning and well-being of each stakeholder can be best supported in each context, including partial, progressive, and full reopening of schools, coupled with classroom-based instruction and online learning solution. The sole target is to continue the classes for students in a hybrid mode – even when they are attending the classes in a physical classroom once or twice a week.

Step-III: We have evaluated and analyzed the benefits of classroom instruction as a necessity to maintain human connections and develop foundational skills that otherwise got interrupted due to closure of the institutions. Yet again, when we are talking about unveiling strategies to lift lockdown restrictions to reopen the educational institutes with social distancing and maintaining 20% attendance in a day; would this end up as the best way to cope with the pandemic?

Step-IV: Yes, adopting the five point approach of the HOST eLearning Platform is turning out to be a compulsive transformation to run the educational institutions..

modern infographic with five steps or points