NCERT Books For Class 1

NCERT Books for Class 1 in PDF can be View and downloaded by students from Mindhosts website for proper understanding and learning of concepts. NCERT Class 1 books are designed according to the latest syllabus and topics prescribed by CBSE. Students of CBSE Class 1 should refer to the textbooks while preparing for the exam. The textbook content is presented in simple, functional English without sacrificing information. Therefore, students can expect more marks and high grades by studying these NCERT books.

NCERT Books Class 1: English Medium


1. English




English: Mari Gold                             

             Rain Drop 

Hindi: Rimjhim                            

Maths: Ganith ka Jadu                                 Maths-Magic

From the table provided below, students can access PDF of Telangana Class 1 textbook of Maths, English, Hindi and Telugu available in languages English.