NCERT Books For Class 5

Education is not just about getting good grades and securing a job. It also plays a significant role in helping us discover new things what we don’t know and increase our knowledge. Class 5 is an important time for students to strengthen the skills they have learned in the lower primary even further in preparation for the upper primary. Fifth graders are expected and encouraged to be independent in learning. For example, when a fifth-grader is asked to research on a certain topic, they should know where to search and how to accomplish the assignd task to them. They might need elderly assistance through the research, but they also have the basic tools to carry out this task independently.

nCERT Books Class 5: English Medium


1. English



1. EVS


English: Mari Gold

Hindi: Rimjhim                       

Maths: Ganith ka Jadhu 


EVS: AAS-Pass                                  EVS_Looking Around 

From the table provided below, students can access PDF of Telangana Class 5 textbook of Maths, English, Hindi and Telugu available in languages English.